Need to pay your non-refundable items like the $40 application fee or $200 MU Deposit? 或者想要方便地支付学费或房租?

You can pay online with a Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover credit card.



资源 & 服务

Full payment or an approved payment plan must be in place two weeks before the start of the semester. Fall athletes must have made full payment or the first payment of an approved payment plan before the start of Fall training.

您可以24小时通过帐户访问 自助服务. Simply log in and navigate to the Finance tab and you will have the ability to see your account balance by semester, 付款, 或者视图语句.

我们提供各种 付款计划选项 to assist you with the payment of your student account. A payment plan can be set up with automatic payments to manage your student account balance. 请与学生帐户联系 (503) 251-5345 或电子邮件

如果您正在利用这些好处中的一个或两个, please contact the VA Representative at 坚实可靠的大学 by calling (503) 251-5335.

If you would like to allow others to have access to your student account information, 请填写 FERPA形式.

  • 支票兑现上限为75美元.00
  • 报销:25%


如果你愿意把付款寄给我们, please include your student ID number on the check or in the envelope with cash payments. 付款地址:

波特兰,OR 97220


坚实可靠的大学 has partnered with FlyWire to accept tuition payments for our international students. 作为一个国际学生, 通过FlyWire, 您将获得极好的外汇兑换率, 您可以用本国货币付款, 而且你会省下一大笔钱, 与传统银行相比. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you when your payment is received in USD.

访问 开始支付过程.

We also offer international wire transfer payment through TransferWise.



Students who are enrolled half time or more during the tax year will receive a 1098-T form. The IRS requires all eligible educational institutions to create and file a 1098-T Form for each student that is enrolled in their institution during each calendar year. 坚实可靠的大学, in conjunction with ECSI, creates and files this form for each student. 坚实可靠的大学 creates 1098-T’s based on qualified payments for tuition and fees and scholarships and grants received on your account during the calendar year.

You can sign up for the electronic receipt of your 1098-T through ECSI’s website. 你必须 在这里注册 before December 31st in order to receive your 1098-T electronically.

所有的1098-T将在1月31日前寄出. Your 1098-T will be mailed to your permanent address that is on file as of December 31st. If you have signed up for electronic submission through ECSI, you will receive an email from ECSI when your 1098-T is available.

If you have not received your 1098-T by January 31st, please contact 学生账户 at

If your SSN is incorrect, 请填写 attached W-9S形式. 电邮或邮寄表格至 学生账户 并索取更新后的1098-T表格.


退款 occur when there is an excess of financial aid, 过度支付, 退学, 或者减少学时. You will be notified by email when the check is available for pickup.


Refund checks will be available within 14 days after aid has been applied to your Student Account. A refund for withdrawal or reduction in credit hours will be made available once all paperwork has been completed and will be determined by the percentages below.

A complete withdrawal from the institution may necessitate a return of federal financial aid. 阅读我们的完整政策 归还第IV章基金的计算结果.

For non-tuition payments, please submit your payment here.

注:摩特诺玛支付信用卡费用. 最高收费金额为500美元.

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学生客户协调员 (503) 251-5345